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  5. All courses include Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) unless already held, bike/scooter hire (unless stated) and all practical test fees/certificates (where appropriate).
  6. Course balance due on first training day.

Please note that Residential courses are available on most options.


We are fully open for all types of motorcycle training,
waits for places are currently longer than normal so please plan well ahead!

Special measures and procedures are in place to safeguard trainee and staff safety.

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Very Experienced Full Licence course(2 days) CBT Required

Rider has already done big bike lessons,good base control of a 500cc bike; no issues with figure 8, U turn, balance, steering or gear shift and must be capable of demonstrating this at start of course.Note:- For residential courses accommodation price is added to deposit and paid in advance. For this course the rider must have a valid CBT and theory or an A2 licence held for minimum of two years.
Duration: 2 day(s)
Residential option available £35/night
Fee: £420 (Deposit: £300)

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