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Some of the responses we have recently received from our students...

First time bike user and can I say the patience and confidence given by the instructors were brilliant. Clear and effectively I was told what I needed to do as well as having a friendly attitude made it a much better environment to ride a motorbike in. When on road they had radios telling me where I needed to go and what I needed to do better next time, I felt safe and confident with there training and past! I just want to thank all the instructors at West Pennine they deserve a pat on the back for the hard work they do!

I just wanted to thank you for all the support I received from the instructors during my training with you. Terry was great and I'd like to say a special thanks to Chris who instilled so much confidence in me and taught me the skills I need to ride successfully and pass my modules 1 & 2 to gain aFull bike licence.

I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and would recommend it to anyone thinking of taking it up with you. It was serious training but we had a good laugh along the way too..

Whilst I'm thinking about it, do you have any information on the Advanced Riding Day that you do? I did talk to your instructor Steve back at the training Centre about it briefly yesterday, who told me that he does the training.

I am interested in taking it up, but maybe when the weather is much better ?

Just to say a MASSIVE thank you to all the staff at WPMT for all there hard work, training and advice to get me through my DAS test.

Many thanks again and I shall see you again shortly :)

Luke Ortton

After just 1 day of (expert) tuition I passed my Mod 2. Even on the 1st day of the new test! I can't thank everyone enough!

I booked B&B, but decided to go home instead. The Mrs was struggling with the babies.

I'm not expecting a refund, but do you think you might be able to arrange for me to take my partner to the B&B at your favourable rates?

The more I save, the sooner I can afford my bike!

Thanks again, everybody!



Just want to say a massive thanks to Steve, Allan and Chris who all helped me to pass my bike test. They are excellent instructors and I'm grateful for there tuition i wouldn't have passed without it.

Thanks to everyone.


Hi Yvonne/Dave Just wanted to say 'thanks' for thinking of me Tuesday night and offering me the place Weds-Fri. As you know I passed first time - so it wasn't wasted, and was pretty good given my less than stellar back end of last week! At least it all came together for a great weekend, making Wednesday and Thursday on the big bike much easier than i expected. Please pass on my regards and thanks to the whole team - I think I spent a day each with most of them(!) Everyone was great, but I'd especially thank Steve and Keri (no idea how to spell it!) for the last few days. My Hornet arrives Wednesday - cant wait!

take care Nick

Just a quick note to say a massive Thank Youto all the team at West Pennine for the excellent DAS course I have attended and successfully completed this week. I passed my practicle test today with only 4 minors ( 3 of those were down to nerves ). The knowledge, guidence and confidence that Steve, Alan & Chris have given me will prove invaluable for years of safe riding. Thanks once again and all the best for the future.

Regards Les Reger

Hi I booked to take my CBT last week and had no idea what to expect,I was very nervous about taking it, I arrived on Sat 15th in -2 Degrees teeth chattering weather,I have never been so cold! I took the CBT on my own new 125cc Bike having never ridden a bike before. So I got to the test centre at the Golf range and everyone was really polite and helpful,I took my CBT along with 2 other lads, all the time I am thinking "I am the only girl here" but that didnt seem to matter. I was Introduced to Alan who then took all three of us through the training on the car park,how patient is this man? he was brilliant with all of us,after going through the controls of the bike and safety clothing etc,it was time to get on the bikes,we went round and round cones,trying different situations and scenarios,I was sooo nervouse but gradually with Alans expert tuition I settled in to it and took on board everything he told me,the final thing of the morning was u-turns,could I get that bike to do a u-turn? no! I tried and tried and tried again eventually after Alan guided me and instructed me and probably just about lost his voice, I did it! Yeah.. time for Dinner and to proceed to another part of the CBT, oh and a very Hot Chocolatedrink. So we set off to go out on the road with our ear pieces in place and off we went,all the time the only thing I could think was "all the traffic from Christmas shoppers in Blackburn town centre"! but anyway I will cross that bridge when I get to it,so we went out for ages,and it was freezing cold,by this time I couldn't feel my fingers or toes. After stopping for a quick brew,de-frost and rest ,off we wenttothat dreaded town centre,but under Alan's expert tuition and constant radio contact in my ear I did it,we actually went through major traffic in the centre,and every hazard you could possibly think of came at us,shoppers,taxis,buses,cars etc,but we did it and it was great fun,we arrived back at the test centre and all that was left to do was to sign the certificate and I couldn't stop smiling,brilliant I have done it,something I have been wanting to do for years as my Husband took his full motorbike test with West Pennine and he 100% recommended you ,we want to go out for bike rides,now we can. what a great day. So thankyou to Alan who's patience is never ending and his knowledge of his subject is excellent and the passion he has for motorcycling is inspiring,have a great Christmas Alan andeveryone at West Pennine and I will be back to take my full test within a couple of years (I think).

Merry Christmas Billie-Jean Heaton x

hello everyone just a quick note to thank you all for your help in passing my test today especially phil (he is a star) your service is fantastic and thorough not to mention friendly, once again thank you

yours thankfully Richard Knight

The new biking god of yorkshire

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