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Some of the responses we have recently received from our students...

Hi Dave, Alan, Terry and Chris

I didn't get chance as was late Friday the 16th September at approx. 3.45pm when I finished my test and got back to the yard and you had all finished for the weekend.

I just wanted to say that after initially failing my Mid 1 - because I didn't listen properly rather than something I couldn't do i.e. Did not park my front wheel in between the cones and put the whole Bike in it - I then smashed Mod 1 with 1 minor and Mod 2 with 1 minor also.

Just wanted to say - as I didn't get chance as you all had left and Chris locked up on that Friday when we got back - CHEERS for all your help and guidance and I knew on the day as I was taking the Mod 2 ( without being Big- headed ) that I would pass, as it went so well as I was doing it, and could hear Dave and Alan's voice in my head stating: Not to close to cars, more life savers, two second rule etc and that carried me through as I was; On it and focused.

So cheers for all the advice, help and training It did the job and if you were surprised then so was BLOODY I !

Off on a Cruise next week to celebrate and just bought myself a Kawasaki ER6N - 2104 plate, 1303 Miles on clock ( Nearly new ) in Black & Green and get it next week or week after.

Thanks to all and keep up the good work

Kind Regards





Hi guys

Would just like to say a big thanks for the excellent training provided by yourselves

What a great bunch of instructors you have their manner is second to none keeping things simple safe and most of all enjoyable.

You got me in when no one else could and even though i had ridden on a cbt for 18 months the bad habits soon disappeared and I passed both mod 1 + 2 first time

Thanks again

Andy Barnes

Hi! I recently passed my CBT at the West Pennine bike school, having never ridden before (or even sat on a bike!). Highly recommended school.

At first a very daunting experience (taking up a late interest in biking) I was made to feel comfortable with an introductory hour or two, running me through the basic bike controls and necessary gear. Which did ease the nerves. Any question I asked was dealt with professionally, and the instructor understood I was keen to learn as much about biking as possible so expanded on answers. Answering every question I had expertly - I felt the instructor clearly cared about bikes and had a lot of experience in training - I found out he was the person who has been training for the longest over 20 years running.

Then onto the geared Yamaha, I was very much a novice and burnt a lot of rubber (and I think the clutch !) I was pleased to see the instructor taking a keen eye in were I was going wrong off road - and explaining how that would affect me when getting on road.

On road we had a radio set up in which the instructor was clear as to where to go, and how I was doing - and we had regular catch ups, on road in which they would walk me through issues and offer advice going forward.

All-in-all a proper job offered by patient, expert staff - I was pleased to finish the CBT on the day. And I am now thinking about completing my DAS - the CBR 125 I'm on at the moment can't keep up down the country lanes! Thanks again!

Just a quick e-mail to say thanks for getting me through my test from Mod 1 with no faults to Mod 2 with only 3 minors Big thanks to Steve and Dave for the lessons was a great experience and already got my first big bike CBR 600F will be recommending WPM to anyone that asks.

Hi , I promised Chris on Thursday I would Email & pass on my thanks so hear goes : Firstly a big thank-you to all the instructors who had the misfortune to suffer me , Chris took the brunt Including damage to his own bike :-( but he remained chilled & patient throughout , always ready to answer the questions & explain in detail . Then the big fellah , Allen , who's clear advice & demonstration was I believe the reason I got through my MOD 1 , especially that dreaded U turn . Then Terry who really had the bad luck of given me one to one tuition for a whole day.! Not forgetting Yvonne who just's keeps plugging away behind the scenes organising everything , from theory tests through to Mod 2 . Seriously guys , I came on the direct access course having not ridden for over 30 years and with only 5 days to spare I opted to return to take my Mod 2 at a later date. I had a great week despite the weather being "bobbins " and came away with a good grounding and the confidence to return for Mod 2. I did this on Thursday and poor Chris had the task of getting me ready for test and after just a couple of hours "pick up " on a different bike I took mod 2 and the rest his history as they say.! Once again many thanks to all , 1 weeks residential course & a full bike licence later, I would have no hesitation in recommending WPM to friends and colleagues , keep up the good work ! Dave Greaves

A massive thanks to Chris and Dave for helping me get through my full test, like you say ride like you've been taught, don't think i could of done it without your professional tuition ,cheers fellahs.

I am just emailing to say a big thank you to everyone at West Pennine for their help and getting me through my test first time today.

I took the 3 day CBT to DAS license which at first I thought was a bit of a gamble but with particular help from Steve on the first day and Chris on the second day they made sure I knew everything needed for the exam. I would also like to thank Dave who gave me a very good prep lesson just before my test and made sure everything was up to scratch.

Overall I appreciate all the hard work all you guys put it and hope the company continues with its success.

Thank you again


Good afternoon,

I just wanted to express my sincerest thanks for all your help. I went from having never ridden a geared bike before to passing my DAS test with only one minor in 5 days.

The training I received was brilliant. I would like to thank Chris for taking me through my CBT and teaching me the basics and then Steve for taking me for the remaining days and developing my skills so I was a safe rider.

Thanks once again for your help and I shall be contacting yourselves for a day of training when I buy my bike.

Kind regards,


Hello there, Could you please forward this to all concerned, expressing my sincere thanks to the staff at West Pennine, namely Alan and Ste for giving me the necessary expert tuition needed in order for me to past my test, which i previoulsy failed in September this year. On arrival on my days tuition after a lenghty spell away , it was like starting again and once on the bike i wasn't far wrong, i felt like i was using someone else's arms and legs, dreadful is a light hearted word, the truth would maybe offend.. I was nervous, tense, lack of confidence etc etc, however Alan took me on full throttle (so to speak) and with his calm expert tuition, guidance and honesty, my confidence was improving by midday no end. By the end of the day after numerous discussions i told Alan i honestly didnt think i was ready for the test, for those of you who know Alan, he took me to one side and gave me the pep talk to end all pep talks (England manager's stuff) and honeslty told me i was mad if i didnt attend the day after as he was happy with the progress i had made that day and it would be a waste not to. Not once did he buckle under my constant 'self knocking' of my performance, which to be honest he could have quite easily have done, and with this talk gave me the boot up the a**e i really needed. So onto the day of the test, again i was with Alan for 2 hours going through basics, until i was swapped to Ste and went out on the road. His expertise and very calm instruction combined with Alan's basic instruction that morning, gave me the necessary tuition and confidence to pass the test that afternoon. Those 2 instructors are a real credit to West Pennine and please pass this on to them. Once again, many thanks. Craig Lord

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