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Some of the responses we have recently received from our students...

Hi Yvonne

I just wanted to say a big thanks to all the team that help to train me and help me pass the test

Thanks a million.



Hi .

Just like to drop a line to say thanks to You all for getting me from zero, through Mod2. All extremely professional individuals.

And lots of very good (life saving) advice from all 3, not just to pass the test but to ensure a safe ride in the future.

Always got the impression that safety was of utmost concern.

Thanks Again.


Just wanted to say thanks to yourself, Steve, Alan, Chris and Terry for getting me up to speed on a bike and getting me through all the tests. Getting on my bike and riding off on my own feels great. Your training was worth every penny, especially since a trip to work on the bike costs me £8, compared to about £25 in the RS6. I hope to see you soon for the ERS.


Hi Yvonne/Dave Just wanted to say 'thanks' for thinking of me Tuesday night and offering me the place Weds-Fri. As you know I passed first time - so it wasn't wasted, and was pretty good given my less than stellar back end of last week! At least it all came together for a great weekend, making Wednesday and Thursday on the big bike much easier than i expected. Please pass on my regards and thanks to the whole team - I think I spent a day each with most of them(!) Everyone was great, but I'd especially thank Steve and Keri (no idea how to spell it!) for the last few days. My Hornet arrives Wednesday - cant wait!

take care Nick

Morning Yvonne,

I had the great pleasure of attending a 6 day DAS course at WPM in April. Having never ridden a bike before, I was thrilled to pass the course with flying colours.

Now that a little bit of time has passed, I wanted to pass along my thoughts on the course and the people who helped me. First of all, I was petrified on my first day as I didn’t know what to expect. All the instructors were very friendly and make me feel at ease.

I would like to thank Alan, who brought me past my initial nervousness and taught me the fundamentals. I was very surprised how quickly I came along and by lunchtime of the second day, I was just riding…. Without having to think about everything I was doing. He taught me how to do emergency stops properly aswell as the dreaded turn in the road. I also rode pillion with Alan & picked up some good tips on the way back to the B&B.

I spent one day with Kevin before the test. He helped me bring my riding ability beyond the standard required for the DAS test. It was a tough day, as Kevin pointed out, passing the test doesn’t make you a good rider, there is always room for improvement. I haven’t forgotten that.

I also have to thank Steve who was my instructor when I moved onto the big bike. He reinforced all the skills & reminded me to “get a move on” when we went out into the quiet country roads. He also taught me the skill of filtering through traffic tailbacks. “Because, after all”, said Steve, “we’re on chuffing bikes”. After four days of riding, I was thrilled how far I came along. I didn’t feel nervous at all when riding. On the morning of the test, Steve brought me out and went through all the tough manoeuvres on a variety of surfaces. Although I didn’t believe him at the time, the test was over before I knew it. There were no surprises as I had done everything a hundred times before.

Now that 4 months have passed, I want to say that I think I have an advantage over most riders. Because I hadn’t ridden a bike before, I didn’t have any bad habits. The techniques I learned from Alan, Kevin and Steve have stayed with me, as I don’t know any other way. I can’t recommend WPM highly enough. Especially to complete novices. I am now the happy owner of a Honda Shadow 750 and I am learning all the time. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again when I’m over that direction.

Thanks a million for everything,

Greg Ward

Hi guys,

just a quick email to say thanks for all the help and effort over the last 4

days. I cant thank you enough! Managed to pass the test without any

problems, all down to your expert tuition and peristance. Particular thanks

to Steve and Alan who supervised me on my training. I will definately be

recommending the school to others, a very friendly and welcoming atmosphere

coupled with some top class tuition. I actually felt sad after the test that

i wouldnt be riding around with you guys any more. I guess now i will have

to go my own way! :-)

Thanks again!

Steve B.

PS - Alan loaned me a magazine and i realised i have given him the wrong one

back. Found his on my table when i got in. If there is an address i can post

it back to please let me know and i'll pop it back via the post. Cheers.

Also if you find the one i left instead i would be grateful if you could

possibly do the same as that too was on loan from a friend. Thanks


Just wanted to drop you a quick line to thank you all for getting me through my 5 day CBT/ DAS course. I did wonder at the start of the week whether it would be achievable but the quality of the training given and the trainers themselves does put you in the best position to pass.

Please would you pass on my thanks and regards to all your instructors who helped me

Thanks to you all again.

Colin Pemberton

Hi there would just like to thank all at West Pennine training for getting me through my das test .

I cant fault any of the training team they are a good bunch of lads and will recommend to anyone thanks once again.

regards dean wright

Hi guys just got back home after passing my das after 3 days training, you guys are miricle workers. I didnt see dave after i got back so i would like to say a special thanks to him for being a pacient instructor and also to kevin. I would recommend you guys to anyone, good value for money. thanks to all the staff and good luck for the future.

Ian O'Loughlin.

ps. dont mean to gloat but i passed with only 1 minor fault

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